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Date of birth:
04 May 1981
Zodiac sign:
165 cm (5 feet 5 inches)
53 KG (117 Lbs.)
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Videographer, photographer
14 years old
9 years old
My personality:
In my character there are both weak and strong qualities. Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable for my weaknesses, and I do everything in my power to get rid of them)) As for my strong qualities of character - I appreciate and cherish them.Friends say that I`m a good listener and very sociable. I love the people and the world around me. Being open and sociable means broadening your horizons and views on the world. As our world is constantly changing, I try to be a broad-minded person and easily adaptable woman, I easily make new acquaintances, and one of my best qualities is that I try to feel as happy as possible most of the time. But if someone hurts my feelings, then I tend to ignore it and treat things with a positive side. I would also describe myself as a magnanimous person. It gives me pleasure to share something with others, and I am ready to help at any moment. In conclusion, I would like to say that my personal qualities are both hereditary and acquired. When I think about myself, I sometimes wonder how different I see myself. I`m organized and punctual, and I`m happy when things happen on time, according to the schedule)) I`m very hardworking and always busy. I do not like to give up!))I try to develop and improve as a person, that would be interesting for my man to be his muse!))
My interests:
Weaknesses? hmm ... in the modern world, women have ceased to be weak, we have so much to manage, children, work, home and of course we need to take time for ourselves;)) Our life is so fleeting that I want to scream, "Stop time!" So I want to fix every single moment of our life. And I fix it! Filming videos and photography - this is my hobby, my work. After all, with this help you can stop time. I love my work.Now I have gone further, I myself create the atmosphere of filming, its mood and those moments that I want to capture. And in this there is a share of art and creativity. Photography gives me a lot, it makes me richer and spiritually, and financially. Thanks to it, I learned to see what other people do not notice-the beauty around, the wonderful nature, the unusual people. Thanks to the videos, I can create short films that contain love, happiness, joy. In them I sometimes pass on everything that I myself very much would like.My hobbies and work make me happy, give me the opportunity to be self-confident, make me a woman, in love with my life!))
Dating with Charming Ukrainian Girl Elena from Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine
I would like to meet a Man:
Between 36 and 54 years old.
We often in our imagination create the ideal image of a man, for whom we are ready to go to the end of the world.What are the qualities that my future partner should have? He may not have two higher educations, not own an oil company, but he will be the most amazing, brave and reliable, and most importantly, he will love me;)).A strong, confident, reliable man is my dream, like any other woman. My support, which I can rely on in a difficult moment. The list of qualities is different for everyone ... My favorite is associated with reliability, determination and sociability. Confidently standing in life. With a sense of humor, it will be interesting to laugh and to keep silence with him. He is sincere and real!My man will allow me to be a woman, and with him I will be able to relax and feel comfortable and secure. Such a man will be the center of the universe for me.

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Dating with Ukrainian Girl Elena from Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine

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